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The stay-at-home orders most states are under have people wanting to bust out of their houses, especially as the weather gets warmer and warmer. Most businesses are closed, which includes movie theaters. Movie lovers out there are missing running out to see the new blockbuster movie every weekend. For those times when your home theater has to do, we found one of the best gifts for movie lovers.

Missing That Popcorn

While movie lovers may be missing their new movies, you know they are also missing that concession stand at the movies also. I mean, who goes to the movie theater and doesn’t get a big ol’ tub of popcorn? Now it is time to start making your own, as you sit at home and enjoy streaming movies instead of seeing them in theaters.

best gifts for movie lovers - automatic popcorn machine with family

Get it on Tophatter for around $39

This super cute automatic popcorn machine is a dream come true! While there is nothing quite like movie theater popcorn, you can do so much better than the microwave stuff. This popcorn machine is the perfect way to do that, as it can make movie nights for the entire family more fun and enjoyable.

Quick and Easy

We know that some people like to curl up with a book to enjoy the night, others like to cuddle up under a blanket, enjoy some buttery popcorn and watch a movie. This automatic popcorn machine is a great way to enjoy homemade, fresh popcorn. Even better, you can put all the popcorn, salt and other seasonings you want and no one will judge you! It is very easy to use and will make your popcorn quickly and evenly every time.

A Great Gift

Get it on Tophatter for around $39

This popcorn machine is one of the best gifts for movie lovers out there right now. It’s simple and elegant, yet gives that feeling of enjoying the movie theater. The automatic hot air system of this machine allows for some quick popcorn, as you can get about 16 to 18 cups of popcorn in less than 3 minutes!

Simply wipe the lid with a paper towel or cloth to easily clean it. This automatic popcorn machine is going to be a big win for movie lovers out there during this quarantine, and long after it’s done, so purchase one for the cinephile in your life!


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