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quinceanera gifts

Is there a more special day in a teen’s life than the quinceanera? While some folks equate it with a Sweet Sixteen party, the quince holds a lot more cultural significance. If anything, it’s more akin to an individual debutante ball, a coming out party that welcomes a young woman from childhood into adulthood in front of the whole community. Traditional quinceanera gifts often feature religious themes, but today’s options range from makeup and jewelry to personal items that will make her life a lot more fun.

1. The Perfect Frame

quinceanera gifts - picture frame

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There will be pictures. There will be lots of pictures. And there is guaranteed to be one picture that she loves best of all. This sparkly picture frame is the perfect home for that one picture, and leaves no doubt just how special your friend’s quinceanera was.

2. A Stylish Statement Necklace

quinceanera gifts - necklace

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Quinceanera traditionally has religious significance, and many of the family gifts will reflect that. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a niece or cousin celebrating her 15th, you can cater to her personal style while still noting her faith with this elegant and fresh lasso necklace, featuring a spray of openwork leaves and an elegant, dangling cross.

3. Something to Help Her Organize Makeup Stash

quinceanera gifts - makeup case

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Since quince marks the transition from girlhood to young womanhood, makeup gifts are another tradition — in fact, traditionally, it’s the day she’s first allowed to wear lipstick and other makeup. This portable travel makeup case is the ideal gift for the teen who travels, or who just needs a place to organize her makeup stash out of sight. It features pockets for brushes and sponges, and adjustable dividers to keep everything in its place. Add a set of high quality makeup brushes to make it even sweeter.

4. Present Her With Your Memories

quinceanera gifts - scrapbook

Get it on Amazon for around $21

You’ve been besties since forever. What better way to commemorate her special day than with a gift that walks her through your journey of friendship? This isn’t just any photo album — it’s a complete scrapbooking memory book for you to gather photos, tickets and mementos of her childhood. It comes with mountable photo corners and stickers to personalize the pages, and a pocket on the front cover for your favorite photo or a special piece of artwork. Gather up all those school photos, ticket stubs from concerts, and those secret mementos that only she will understand, and get creative.

5. Something to Help Her Get Ready

quinceanera gifts - robe

Get it on Amazon for around $33

Part of her Court of Honor? Why wait until the party to gift your girl something special? Pitch in and gift her with this satin Getting Ready robe, embellished with a glittery Quinceanera across the back. The elegant styling — available in 33 colors, so you can match the party theme — makes this perfect for pre-Quince photo ops. It’s sure to become a treasured memento that will last for years.

6. A Spa Gift Basket for Pampering a Princess

quinceanera gifts - rose petal soaps

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What’s the next best thing to a personal spa day? A gift basket packed with everything she needs to pamper herself at home. Pick out a pretty basket or tub and fill it with all the pampering gifts you can find. Need ideas?

7. A Mini Camera to Record Her Adventures

quinceanera gifts - mini camera

Get it on Amazon for around $100

The FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera is one of this season’s hottest and most wanted gifts. This kit includes the camera and all the accessories your girl will need to be the life of any party — film, frames, stickers, colored lenses, camera case — even a photo album to keep her memories safe.

Whatever the gift, if you choose it with love, you can be sure that it will be appreciated. Just remember, make it personal, make it meaningful, and make it fun, and you can’t go wrong.


Shop the quinceanera gifts here:

  1. Sparkly picture frame
  2. Lasso necklace
  3. Portable travel makeup case
  4. Scrapbooking memory book
  5. Getting Ready robe
  6. Fizzy bath bombs in rainbow colors
  7. Rose-scented petal soaps
  8. A back brush and loofah scrubber
  9. An assortment of shower puffs
  10. Signature scent body wash (That Moment One Direction)
  11. An assortment of playful facial masks
  12. A kit to make her own bath bombs
  13. FujiFilm Instax Mini Camera

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


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