scorpio gifts they'll love or love to hate

Buying gifts for that Scorpio friend is a mission fraught with peril. Scorpio folks are blunt, honest, and to the point. They like what they like, and they’re not afraid to let you know what they don’t like. Finding a gift that your Scorpio friend will appreciate isn’t as hard as it looks on the surface. Just keep in mind that the Scorpion nature leans toward anything sensual, rich, mysterious, and sexy, and go from there. The perfect gifts for Scorpio people are luxurious, quirky, elegant, and just a little snarky.

The Perfect Mug

scorpio gifts - coffee mug

Get it on Amazon for around $16

There’s no shortage of zodiac coffee mugs out there, but most of them are a little too cute and kitschy for the typical Scorpio, but not this matte black mug from Tilany, inscribed in gold with the constellation Scorpius. It is elegant, dramatic, and luxurious. It’s packaged to impress, and it includes a gold spoon and bamboo keep-warm lid, ticking all the marks for style, substance, and that little mysterious something that every Scorpio loves.

A Long-Lasting Soy Wax Candle

scorpio gifts - soy wax candle

Get it on Amazon for around $19

Scorpios are passionate and detached, snarky and sincere, trendy and style-setting all at once — so your friend might like this bold and understated candle. The bold black and rose gold styling is a classic in understated luxury, and the scent is a blend of saffron, cinnamon, geranium, leather, and labdanum. Your Scorpion friend will also appreciate that the candle is made with soy wax and a lead-free wick, making it more eco-friendly. On a wider note, your Scorpio friends are naturally wound tight, so any gift that helps them unwind will be hugely appreciated.

A Stunning Silk Scarf

scorpio gifts - silk scarf

Get it on Amazon for around $16

Appeal to your Scorpion’s sensual, luxurious side with a gorgeous 100 percent silk scarf in rich, deep jewel tones. Choose one in her favorite color, or take a chance on an iridescent beauty that shades from emerald green to sapphire blue. It’s sure to appeal to her sense of mystery, and her love of dramatic, sexy accessories. For your fave male Scorpio, an elegant silk scarf will add that dashing touch of 007 intrigue.

The Ultimate Game of Strategy

scorpio gifts - game of thrones board game

Get it on Amazon for around $45

Play into the Scorpio love of strategy and domination with a board game that lets them exercise their inner Daenerys Targaryen — because you know she was a Scorpio. The Game of Thrones board game is more than just a family game: It’s an excuse to let your favorite Scorpio indulge in the intrigue, mystery, and strategy that she absolutely adores.

A Gorgeous Leather Wallet

Get it on Amazon for around $33

Finances are important to Scorpios, so give her a gift that gives her money the attention and style it deserves. Choose a statement wallet or clutch. One that appeals to her bold sense of style and adventure. However, keep your eye on utility and quality, too. This Vera Bradley clutch with multiple compartments and RFID blocking technology is the ideal gift for a Scorpio woman.

Just keep in mind that your Scorpion friend loves mystery, intrigue, luxury, and sensuality. Choose gifts that appeal to one or more of those qualities. You’re sure to give a gift that will hit all the right notes.

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