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shirt and tie combos

If you’re not used to coming up with stylish shirt and tie combinations, it can seem daunting—especially if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your significant other. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. All it takes to match a shirt and tie is to start with what you know they like, for example which colors he often wears, and if he’s a pattern lover or a more classic dresser. Then think about the kind of event where he would wear the shirt and tie, and make sure the two pieces aren’t too similar-looking in color or pattern. That’s it! Now you know the basics, here are a few sexy shirt and tie combinations he’ll love to receive.

1. For Casual Friday, Every Day

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In a casual office, like a startup or creative workplace, your SO can go for a more lightweight short-sleeve shirt. Keep it simple with a white button-down like this one, so can have a bit more fun with a patterned tie. We love this floral number in midnight blue, but feel free to get creative. Over a white shirt, anything goes.

2. For the Old-Fashioned Office

shirt and tie - striped tie

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In more traditional professions, like accountancy or business, your SO will need to step it up. A classic long-sleeved light blue shirt will look professional and put together—try this one made of 70 percent cotton to keep him cool when meetings heat up. Then contrast it with a classic, but definitely not boring, red-striped tie. He’ll soon be on his way to that promotion.

3. For a Family Party

shirt and tie - plaid shirt

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For Thanksgiving at his parents’ house, or a backyard barbecue with the family, your SO could go all out with a seasonal theme. But no over-the-top turkey sweaters here; subtlety is key. For a fall party, as the days cool down, he’ll love going for the sexy lumberjack look in a plaid shirt in a thicker material. Pair it with a cleverly patterned tie, like this burgundy one. All his relatives will be gushing about how handsome your SO looks.

4. For a Formal Event

shirt and tie - dotted tie

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If he has no idea what to wear for his sister’s wedding, his cousin’s quinceañera or his nephew’s bar mitzvah, outfit him with a super elegant white dress shirt. This one is wrinkle-resistant so he’ll look his best all evening long. Accessorize it with a spiffy navy tie like this lightly dotted one. This combination will let him look every bit the part, without taking the spotlight away from the people you’re celebrating.

5. For Date Night

shirt and tie - pink oxford shirt

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A nice touch for date night is to have him match his tie to your dress, top, or even just an accessory you’re wearing. This tie comes in 12 striking colors so there’s something for everyone. Then choose a shirt that complements the tie, ideally in a lighter color so the tie pops. So if you’re going for the purple tie for instance, a light pink–striped oxford shirt is a great choice. This one is made of 100% cotton so it’s extra-breathable.

shirt and tie - skinny necktie

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As long as you follow a couple of simple guidelines and know more or less what your SO likes, you’ll be an expert at picking shirt and tie combinations in no time. And, if in doubt, you can always come back to the great combos in this list.

Shop your shirt and tie combinations here:

  1. White button-down shirt
  2. Floral tie
  3. Blue dress shirt
  4. Striped tie
  5. Plaid shirt
  6. Burgundy patterned tie
  7. White dress shirt
  8. Dotted tie
  9. Pink oxford shirt
  10. Polyester skinny tie

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