daily gift happy - topaz ring

While the new year has many people working out and trying to get healthier, those aren’t the only ways to give yourself a boost. We recently shared ways to keep your skin hydrated, son now that your skin is glowing, what are you going to do next? Why not buy this beautiful blue topaz ring and  from Tophatter and give your hand some extra shine?

Ooohhh, Jewelry!

Admit it, who doesn’t love to shine bright like a diamond? We know Rihanna does, but you can admit it too. You may not have gotten everything on your holiday gift list, which is when a killer price on something very pretty like this comes to the rescue. This gorgeous topaz ring to your collection for around $13! I mean, how can you pass that kind of shopping deal up, right?

The Details

daily gift happy - topaz ring

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

I’m sure you’re hungry for more details on this ring and its quality. It’s made of solid 925 sterling silver and set with a 1 carat Swiss blue topaz surrounded by more white topaz. The sparkle and color are amazing! With a free shipping around $13, you will not want to miss this great deal as a perk-up present for yourself or anyone you love who is in the mood to shine.

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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