Before you go to the jewelry store looking for a slam-dunk present, check this out—a recent survey of 2019 holiday gifting trends revealed that only 10% of women are hoping for jewelry in their stocking this year. That’s right, if you’re shopping for a special lady, there’s a good chance she’s not hoping to unwrap a tennis bracelet.

But there’s no need to get Grinchy about your gift-shopping prospects! The same study said 18% of people want something new for their home and 15% are hoping for a cool gadget, and that means one thing. Santa baby—the solution to your “what to give her?” problem is smart home devices.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who already has an Alexa or Google Home or you’re starting from scratch, we found great prices on essential gadgets to make any home feel like it’s straight out of The Jetsons. Find out how to get a smart home at smart prices. 

The Starter Kit

If you’re shopping for a smart home newbie, this starter kit from eufy, one of our favorite electronics brands, is the way to go. It includes an Alexa-enabled Genie AudioSmart speaker and two Lumos bulbs for just $70.

It’s super easy to get set up and connected to the WiFi, so as soon as the giftee unwraps it, you’re just minutes away from accessing Alexa’s 10,000+ skills. That includes practical things like playing music with great sound quality and managing your calendar and fun indulgences like ordering pizza just by asking your house.

Next, let there be light! Screw the smart bulbs into any lamp in the home. You can use the eufy app to turn the bulbs on an off, but when you’ve got the Genie speaker, it’s even easier to use your voice.

The Lumos bulbs are also available in a two-pack for $27, so go ahead make every lamp in the house work like it’s from the year 3000 with voice and app control, dimming, timing schedules, and even an away mode that intelligently illuminates the home to simulate activity inside.

Get a two-pack on Tophatter for $27

Make Everything Smarter

If your giftee already has and loves their smart home device, the best gifts are ones that will take its functionality to the next level. If they’re not a speaker type, you can still give them smart gadgets to operate with a simple tap of an app instead of their voice.

Obviously, snag plenty of smart bulbs so every light fixture is ready to rock. But if you’re a little handy, guess what—even light switches are in on the game.

Switch out the existing light switch with this one by connecting three easy wires to make scheduling and controlling any ceiling and exterior light a breeze. It’s just $17, works via voice with a smart speaker or from the app.

Now, is there anything else with a plug in the home of the person you’re shopping for that could use some smart home magic?

Get a two-pack on Tophatter for $23

Perhaps they’d like to hit brew on their coffee maker from the comfort of bed or they’re always worried about leaving the iron or hair tools on when they leave for work. Convenience and peace of mind are a simple smart plug away. You can get a two-pack of smart plugs for $23, and they work for Christmas lights, too!

Next Level Smart Stuff

If you’ve tackled the lights and the plugs, check out the next smart home frontier with these great gadgets. First up, give the gift of feeling safer with a 100% wire-free smart home security camera system for $210.


Here’s why this one is so great:

  • A 140° wide-angle lens provides a great low-light sight and panoramic view that from your driveway to the front door with no spots missed.
  • It protects your home for 365 days on one battery charge and with no monthly fee.
  • Keep the data secure too, with AES 256-bit account encryption and 128-bit video encryption.

Our next pick is something of a miracle—a rare example of something to clean the house that is actually a cool and welcome gift. Everybody’s heard of robot vacuums, but until recently, their $500+ price tags put them beyond reach, but now the technology has improved and the price has gone down.

This smart robot vacuum costs $250, but has all the premium features that will knock the recipient’s socks off while they’re sitting on the couch, chilling instead of cleaning the floors.

  • It’s super slim and incredibly quiet, so it can go under furniture and run while you’re home without driving your crazy with noise.
  • Features a 3-point cleaning system and BoostIQ technology with up 1300Pa of suction power to ensure your floors are clear of dirt, dust, and crumbs.
  • Has an extra large dustbin to go up to 100 minutes without needing to be emptied.

Maybe give this robo vac gift with a bottle of wine to drink while this smart device does the work of turning drudgery into luxury.

You’re probably convinced that a smart home makes a smart gift for the lady in your life, but maybe you still think jewelry sounds more romantic. In that case, may we suggest hanging a string of LED starlight smart bulbs?

They’ll provide some sparkle and a romantic ambience, but her new smart home will be the star of the holiday show. Who needs jewelry when you’ve got a home of the future?

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