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There’s nothing more rewarding than surprising someone you care about with a gift. Their reaction alone can bring you an immediate sense of joy and satisfaction. After all, knowing that you’ve brightened someone’s day only boomerangs right back to you!

Take Ellen, who planned an elaborate surprise to gift her favorite server with a car. There’s also the parents who saved up enough money to bring their child, who recently graduated, to Disneyland in the most adorable way possible. It’s moments like these that can change the way we think and feel toward one another in the most positive of ways. If you’re still trying to dream up the perfect gift for someone you care about, look no further than these inspirational gifts that will create an impact without breaking the bank.

1. Phone It In

Sometimes the most practical gift is one that can be seen everywhere. A phone case is one of those items that everyone needs and enjoys. Adding a quote that can help to pick them up when they are feeling down is an added bonus. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to choose from, which means you are bound to find the perfect design and quote for someone you know.

collage of four mobile phone cases

Find one on Tophatter for around $9

2. Homemade Goody Bags

inspirational gift ideas goody bag

Handcrafting a gift is often the most personal way you can connect with someone. It can also be an easy way to customize gifts for different people without having to spend time researching and buying different items. Buying these cone bags is an affordable and cute way to package homemade treats like brittle or candy to bring to people at the office or your neighbors. You can even write cute messages or draw pictures on the bags to add an extra personal touch!

Get them on Amazon for around $7

3. Get It Engraved

inspirational gift ideas engraved memento

Another popular option is to gift someone an engraved memento. Whether it’s a necklace, keychain, or bracelet, there are many accessory options you can choose from that include an engraved message for a loved one. You may want to take it a step further by purchasing a blank and having a shop engrave something specific on it instead.

stronger than you think pendant

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4. Something to Cuddle

inspirational gift ideas blanket

When many of us were kids, we would snuggle up with a stuffed animal if we were seeking comfort. What’s a better adult equivalent than a plush bedtime throw? This cozy throw comes in a variety of colors to help match the space and mood of the person you are gifting it to. It’s definitely a great way to bring solace to someone who needs it.

pink fleece throw

Get it on Amazon for around $24

5. Write It Down

inspirational gift ideas journal

Writing in any form can be a great therapeutic outlet, which is why journals of any kind are a wise choice to get people to help them process their thoughts and feelings. A book filled with prompts, advice, and guidance is a great way to help someone begin to jot down the things that matter most to them. Pair it with a great pen and a handwritten note that explains why you think it would be meaningful for them, and a simple gift can be transformed into something with a great personal touch.

52 Lists for Happiness book

Get it on Amazon for around $9

When you want to send a message of hope and love to a person close to your heart, but you don’t have the funds to send them on a trip or buy them a new car, consider these inspirational gift ideas. Taking the time to carefully choose an item will show them how much you care. If you can add a note or hand-deliver it to them, even better!

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


Shorey Andrews is a Toronto-based writer who loves to eat popcorn while attending concerts in as many different cities as possible.

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