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vsco girl scrunchies

When it comes to being a parent, there are many things to enjoy. You are watching your kids grow up and become adults. However, it can be hard to see (or even funny) your little girl starting to do and wear some of the same things you did as a child growing up. Amazingly, hair scrunchies are back in, like they were in the ’90s! Now we like to call them VSCO girls and hair scrunchies are part of their look.

VSCO Girls For The Win

vsco girl scrunchies - hair scrunchies

Get these hair scrunchies on Tophatter for around $12

Remember the neon colored everything from the ’90s? They are back, as girls are now wearing them in their clothes and in their hair. Scrunchies are a thing again, as well as big t-shirts that could basically look like a dress. Add in the Birkenstocks and you won’t know if you are looking at your daughter or a ghost from your childhood!

VSCO Girl Scrunchies

Make your daughter’s day (and maybe even your own) by getting her some of these hair scrunchies. With this purchase, you do get ten different practical hair ties. That means your daughter shouldn’t mind too much if you sneak one or two for yourself!

vsco scrunchies - hair scrunchies

Get them on Tophatter for around $12

These simple and unique hair ties are perfect for girls (and women) to hold hair with style. And when you aren’t using them to hold your hair up, they do look pretty good on your wrist! With ten different scrunchies, your daughter can easily match one to every outfit.

While some people not know what a VSCO girl is and where it even came from, moms will appreciate their daughters wearing scrunchies again. That means it is cool for them to bring it back also, right? Or is it not cool for your mom to wear the same hair scrunchies as you?


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