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self stick wallpaper decals for walls

You don’t need a masterful eye for interior decorating or a big budget and expensive projects to make your home look like a place where you want to curl up and stay awhile. There are plenty of ways to decorate on the cheap. One is to use vinyl wall stickers. Yup, that’s right: Stickers are in. This little decor trick checks two magical boxes: They’re easy to use and they’ll have your home looking as if it deserves to be featured in a magazine. Consider this article your source of inspiration.

1. Install a Shiplap Wall, No Shiplap Necessary

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Shiplap, shiplap, shiplap. Click your heels together, say it three times, and Joanna Gaines will show up at your doorstep (we wish). But don’t worry — you can achieve the shiplap look without actually installing shiplap or tearing down plaster walls and hoping to happen upon this crown jewel of farmhouse decor. How? Adhesive vinyl wallpaper made to look like shiplap.

2. Spice Up Your Creative Corner

wall stickers - gold polka dots

Get it on Tophatter for around $9

Looking to do something simple in your office or creative space? Whether it’s your home office, a small craft corner, or any part of your home you want to disappear into while reading a good book, a few gold polka dots could do the trick. If you have a main room that’s screaming plain and lacking personality, you can also find wall decals that look like high-end wallpaper. Here’s a simple hexagon design and a navy and gold chevron pattern, for example. They’re easy to apply and easy to remove.

3. Ditch Chalkboard Paint for Removable Chalkboard Paper

wall stickers - blackboard wall sticker

Get it on Amazon for around $11

It’s been a while since chalkboard paint took over Pinterest, but it still has a place in the ranks of home decor. However, it’s not a great match for textured walls that are common in homes today. That’s where this cool adhesive chalkboard wall sticker comes in. Add one to your kid’s playroom to make drawing on the walls no sweat. Alternatively, the inside of your pantry door or your home office may also appreciate the benefits of adhesive chalkboard paper.

4. Bring a Touch of Nature Indoors

wall stickers - tree decal

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

House plants are one way to add greenery to your home, but if you’re still craving more nature vibes, there are wall stickers for that, too. For example, stick these watercolor flowers above your favorite vases. Maybe your children’s playroom needs a cute reading corner — this tree decal is one way to section it off. A simple branch decal near a window adds a subtle touch of nature to any room you have in mind by bringing the outdoors in with no muss, no fuss.

5. Create a Trendy Gallery Wall

wall stickers - vinyl wall decal frames

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

Want to create one of those cute gallery walls you’re always seeing on HGTV? You can go for it and do the real thing — frames, nails, and all, or you can use vinyl wall decal frames to create a mock version, no nails required. If you rent versus own your space, this is a great way to decorate without creating holes you’ll have to patch later. It also makes it a cinch to swap out photos when you’re craving something new.

6. Remind Yourself You’ve Got This

wall stickers - life is beautiful decal

Get it on Tophatter for around $10

Maybe you’ve got some boring hallway space that needs a little something positive. That’s the kind of thing wall decals are made for; for example, this reminder that life is beautiful. Maybe you need some words of wisdom over your bathroom vanity or above your mirror where you get ready every day. Take your pick of quote decals. If you’re trying to inspire your kids, try a gentle nudge in the form of a wall sticker that reminds them to shoot for their goals. 

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  1. Vinyl wallpaper made to look like shiplap.
  2. Gold polka dots
  3. Simple hexagon design
  4. Navy and gold chevron pattern
  5. Cool adhesive chalkboard wall sticker
  6. Watercolor flowers
  7. Simple branch decal
  8. Vinyl wall decal frames
  9. Life is beautiful quote decal
  10. Quote decals
  11. Wall sticker to help you shoot for your goals

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Catherine Conelly is a former beauty and health editor turned freelance writer and digital marketer. She’s written for Shape, Thrillist, PopSugar and StyleCaster. Her work has also appeared on Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Glassdoor blog, and Adidas Game Plan A.

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