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With many people in quarantine because of the coronavirus, working remotely has become the norm. It may seem like fun to work from home, but then you get into it and it’s not as seamless as thought. While working from home, your work is always with you. Many workaholics have been formed thanks to quarantine, so time to spread the love and get some workaholic gifts they may or may not enjoy.

Too Much Screen Time

workaholic gifts - cell phone jail

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We all have that person in our lives that cannot put the phone down. Whether it’s checking all their social media accounts or not wanting to miss a work email, they are always checking their notifications. It may seem fine for them, but it can be pretty annoying for everyone else. Those work emails can wait and a great way to make sure it happens is this cell phone jail!

Lock It Up

Family time is very important, which is why this cell phone jail is a great addition to your workaholic gifts list. Cell phones take away from that human interaction that families need. When mom or dad can’t put it down because they are so concerned about work and a project they are working on, it is time to lock it up!

Like A Prison Cell

workaholic gifts - cell phone jail

Get it on Tophatter for around $18

This is a gift for workaholics, but really more for yourself! The cell phone jail is designed to look like a prison cell, but for your phone. It comes with jail bars and a padlock, so you aren’t getting in without the key. The jail cell has six grooves available to hold up to six devices. Lock up the entire families phones and enjoy the night screen-free!

It’s a cute and easy way to lock up your cell phones and enjoy some quality time together, which is what many workaholics need. Make sure to get your cell phone jail now and start enjoying that quality time this summer!


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